Terms and Conditions

These statement explains the terms and conditions for using CORP.HEAVENSBEST.COM.

Image Uploads

Only administrators are permitted to upload images to the website. Before uploading an image, make sure that the meets with all the following criteria:

Order Emails

When placing an order on the shop, information regarding your order may be shared with the state owner over the state where your franchise resides via email and via access to information on the company website under password protection and encryption. Such information includes the order number, the date the order was placed, the amount paid, your billing address information (including your billing address, your company name, your first and last name, your phone number, and your email address), your shipping information (including your shipping address, your company name, and your first and last name), an item by item description of your order (including the item ID, name, price, and how many of that item was purchased), any discounts and taxes applicable to the order, and the final total of the order.

Opting Out

Agreement to all these terms and conditions is required for use of any part of this website without exception.